Royal Legacy


Hi everyone,
sorry I have been MIA for a while, I was extremely busy with school, however I am back now.

To start off, there is a 40% Off EVERYTHING sale in celebration of Thanksgiving!

SURVIVAL: I will be DOUBLING the end world border on November 26th - nice new resources to find!

Factions: No it is not gone, needs some improvements, will return soon.

Side Note: Guardian and Enderman Spawners require a lot of space for more frequent spawning, there is no bug in relation to this, this is just how Minecraft works now.

Secret design update that is very intriguing and well deserved. coming this week.

Bug Fixes: I bolded some of the major fixes! :)

  • Global: Fixed a spacing issue with leave messages
  • Global: Added /music to every server & fixed the bug where some song names didn't display, removed some broken songs
  • Global: "New" rule defined in the rules, no inappropriate skins
  • Hub: Fixed the issue where you were kicked for flying because of some gadgets
  • Survival: Enabled Border Particles
  • Survival: Enabled Border Glass (Blocking Intruders for Elder+ - /claim settings)
  • Survival: Added Player Vaults
  • Survival: Disabled users from breaking boats or mine carts in claimed land! Hurahhh!
  • Survival: Decreased Slime Spawner cost by $35,000
  • Skyblock: Added Player Vaults
  • Skyblock: Decreased Slime Spawners cost by $5,000
  • Skyblock: Increased Blaze Rod sell price by $3
  • Skyblock:...
I am going to reset the survival server on Friday (9/29). It is time.

There is a 40% fall sale, this is also a reset sale.

For now, you can do whatever you want!


- KingGoldensPanda